Your dog or cat needs to eat meat as part of their diet.
Cats are obligate carnivores and must eat meat to survive.
Dogs are scavenging carnivores and also have a physical requirement to eat meat.
Plus they love the taste!

Biological Raw Diet
Do you know about Biological Raw Diet?

Designed to emulate what your pet would have eaten in the wild, our Biological Raw Diet includes raw meat, fruit, vegetables and whole eggs.
Only raw food contains living enzymes, which restore, repair and maintain the overall health of your pet.

Other benefits of this diet include:

Improved skin and coat quality
Smaller stools with reduced odour
Minimal tartar build up results in healthier teeth and improved breath
Lean body mass and increased muscle mass due to high protein levels
Strengthened immune system from the correct balance of essential fatty acids
A slow in degenerative disease and greater mobility in older pets has been linked to a switch to a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet

Our Biological Raw Diet is currently available in Beef, Kangaroo, Lamb & Atlantic Salmon and Chicken varieties in 500g and 1kg size.
It is also available in a formula especially made for retired Greyhounds.

Our meats are minced or diced fresh at our factory.
All meat is 100% Australian raised.

All of our meat products are snap frozen to maintain maximum freshness.