Greyhound Packs
Urban Pet Food developed a balanced diet made especially for the nutritional needs and overall dietary requirements of retired greyhounds.
Known as the GAP Diet, this formula consists of the correct balance of fresh meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, slow cooked meals and dry kibble for a non-racing greyhound.
The diet contains increased levels of kelp and yoghurt to help with the digestion problems that are inherent in greyhounds. The fish content helps target coat and skin problems.
Chicken necks, apart from being a great source of protein and fat, are included in the packs as the chewing motion helps clean teeth and adds to jaw strength. We have also kept in mind the additional moisture requirements of greyhounds caused by their reluctance to consume enough water in their day-to-day activities and adjusted the formula accordingly.

Purchase any of our greyhound products individually or one of our regular or large greyhound packs for a complete weekly diet for your greyhound.